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16th Oct 2019:
  • Today we have some small server issue, everything is fixed now and HeadTailGame.com is working again. Be free to contact us anytime if you have any problems and we're ready to help or assist you 24 hours a day. Happy winnings.
    30th Dec 2018:
  • Durring the transfer process to the new PHP 7.*.* code we have fixed a several issues on our HeadTailGame.com and now we hope our site will work as we expect, anyway you are free to contact us anytime if you have any problems and we are glad to solve any problems for you. Happy New year from HeadTailGame team and many winnings for You in 2019 ! We wish you all the Best !!!
    20th Sep 2017:
  • Dear visitors, update is now done! Welcome to the new and better HeadTailGame! Thanks for your patience and we wish you Good Luck during you playing Head Tail Game on our new and improved site!
    16th Sep 2017:
  • Dear visitors, Brief news from HeadTailGame: We decide to change "Super Jackpot" to our new Royal Jackpot!
    And that's just one small new change we have done on our this largest update we have even made! Stay with us! A NEW SITE is COMing soON... Thank you for patience :)
    14th Sep 2017:
  • Dear visitors, HeadTailGame is offline due to maintenance work, we will be back as soon as maintenance will be completed - just keep reading this page, you will be informed... Check other games on our Partner Links page.
    Thank you and please sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    16th Nov 2016:
  • If count a few times little break period, when HeadTailGame is offline due to maintenance time, we are approx. 5 Years + a little longer with you online! Dear players, thank you for stay with us, because without your betting HeadTailGame.com wouldn't be never online for that long time!
    » As a little gift we are now giving you a chance to get 270% Bitcoin! Go now to our new Bitcoin HeadTailGame version and until January 1st, 2017 you will have this high opportunity to win! and.. Hey, ... hurry up there!
    This offer is valid up to New year's 2017 ONLY! Happy New Year and Happy Winnings to everyone !!
    29th Apr 2015:
  • Dear players, Perfect Money API problem has been fixed and everything is back to normal. Head Tail Game process all payouts instantly again. Good luck!
    28th Apr 2015:
  • Dear players, Currently an error is occurred in Perfect Money API. As soon as this error will be fixed all payouts will be again processed instantly. During that time, we are forced to payout your winnings manually.
    21th Oct 2014:
  • Dear players, we found some errors and we fix it today, all your error spends will be returned to your Perfect Money accounts in full. You can now play again, game is checked and working again! Well, Good luck to all!
    17th Aug 2014:
  • Dear players, due to too many Jackpot winnings, we have newly changed the Super Jackpot rules and now MAGIC SPIN is for bet $2 ONLY (not as before for $2 OR MORE!). We now provide jackpot with NO RESET for Super Jackpot amount up to $100 USD and we're doing this to make our game more attractive to all payers!
    All other settings stay same as before this changes. So, will you try to win Super Jackpot? Then, good luck!
    26th July 2014:
  • We make today some changes in our site setting and Head Tail Game now again works correctly. All your failed bets are refunded and if not, please contact us with you spend batch number. Thank you.
    30th May 2013:
  • Because Liberty Reserve is down forever, we have changed our game from today to another payment processor and you can now bet with Perfect Money.
    15th Jan 2013:
  • We've made the necessary API changes in our game today and game is now tested and fixed.
    16th Dec 2012:
  • There was an error with our game today, we send the refunds and error is fixed.
    28th Aug 2012:
  • Dear players, we found that game have some errors and we now fixed the game. We also process all refunds, if you don't get your refund, please contact us. You can try to play our game safely again! Thank you!
    27th Mar 2012:
  • Do you want to win a BIG, BIG prize? We've supplied now JOKER chance and never mind what is your spin number or batch number. It is Sufficient that your bet is $10 or more and to get the Joker... and you'll win!
    So good luck in the game!
    29th Oct 2011:
  • There are a small error with our game and now this error are fixed.
    04th Apr 2011:
  • Today we fixed game to show correct coin flip after play of game is done.
    11th Feb 2011:
  • Some games not played correctly. We're paid all users correctly and we fix the game.
    11th Feb 2011:
  • We have added "Spot" number and if you play for $1 and more now you can win Super Jackpot.


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